On October 11th, 2014, Jeffery Laude, also known as “Jennifer,” a 26-year-old transgender, was found dead in the toilet of a room at Celzone Lodge late Saturday in Olongapo City.

The killing of a Filipino transgender allegedly by a US marine in Olongapo City is proof that the presence of American troops in the Philippines will never work for national interest, an international law expert said Tuesday. “We should already learn from history, foreign military presence and national interest do not mix well,” lawyer Harry Roque said. [1]

Filipino Transgender, Jeffrey “Jennifer” Laude

Thus begins the ever-popular anti-American rhetoric from the Filipino people. Yet everyone is too blind to see the actions of one man (not a nation as a whole) do not have shit to do with this case, any more than the 2006 “Daniel Smith rape case” did.

Like so many other issues in the Philippines, you people have allowed the media and your insane sensationalist mentality to blow this so far out of proportion, you can no longer think straight. Because of “who” the victim was, you’re all screaming everything from hate-crime to transgender bashing. Anti-gay movements are sprouting up. Activists in front of the US Embassy. And God knows what else.

If the alleged killer was anyone other than a US Marine, it never would have made news. And like practically every other homicide in your country, it would have been thrown to the wayside, and forgotten about.

Police said Laude’s attacker may have been angered when he discovered in the motel room that Laude was a transgender individual or because of an argument sparked by other reasons.

On Tuesday, about 40 young activists waved red flags and yelled “U.S. troops out now” in a protest that ended with the burning of a mock American flag at the heavily secured U.S. Embassy. Riot police stopped them from getting close to the seaside compound.

Two protest leaders tearfully demanded that the U.S. military hand over the Marine to the Philippine government, saying he should be detained in a local jail.

“This is just so abominable. It’s one of the worst hate crimes I’ve seen,” said Corky Hope Maranan, a leader of a group of transgender and lesbian Filipinos. [2]

The worst you’ve ever seen? Were you there? Did you personally see the particulars of the case? I seriously doubt it. Activist goofs such as yourself, seriously need to choose your words carefully, or shut the hell up! I have personally seen combo rape/murder cases in and around the Philippines that would make your skin crawl. 2 such recent cases, were of minor girls, raped, killed and tossed half-naked into nearby rivers. Only to be discovered by some asshole who decided it would be best to add insult to injury, by taking a picture and posting it on Facebook. And screaming about “Justice for this victim!” Justice, shit!! What about their dignity?

So before you idiots take this to the next level of paranoid idiocy, let the authorities and the courts do their job. Afterwards, you can either jump for joy. Or, just like the Daniel Smith case, pull either your foot out of your mouth. Or your head out of your ass.

[1] – From the Philippine Star, October 15th, 2014

[2] – From CBS News, October 14th, 2014

The Strange Case of Jeffery “Jennifer” Laude

Jacques Phillip

As an ExPat living in the Philippines. I find it relatively fun and exciting to have been given the opportunity to live among such wonderful, and yet amazingly foolish people. Not on all levels mind you. But when it comes to politics, they are just plain, fuckin' stupid. So in my infinite wisdom. I have decided to do my best to educate them as best possible.

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