A man suspected of being Pvt. Pemberton is seen on the hotels security camera, ascending the stairs at the hotel.
A man suspected of being Pvt. Pemberton is seen with Jeffrey ‘Jennifer’ Laude on a security camera, ascending the stairs at the hotel.

There are certain things you just don’t do. We’ll skip the long list of no-no’s and get straight to the point at hand. One does NOT dress up like a cute little girl, with a skirt and makeup, and then go out and find oneself a U.S. Marine, lead him to believe you are a girl, then go to a hotel for some boom-boom:

Before we go any further, let’s have a quick history of the Philippines, shall we?

The first time the United States liberated the Philippine Islands was in 1898 during the Spanish American War. Spain had occupied the chain of 7,101 islands in the South Pacific for 433 years at the time.

The second time the U.S. freed the tiny island nation was from Japan during WWII. After both times the U.S. liberated the Philippines, the Philippines remained as a U.S. territory, much like Guam or Puerto Rico, and showed promising, prosperous futures. However, both times, the Philippines eventually demanded their sovereignty and shortly after receiving it, slid back into the third world rut they find themselves in today, though it is 2014, and national poverty is something the West cannot even understand.

Much of the problem in the Philippines, like in any third world nation, has to do with corruption. It is no secret that the political system in the Philippines is very corrupt, with former President Gloria Arroyo currently incarcerated and going through hearings over her graft charges, which has also ensnared enumerable sitting politicians at the National level.

However, as is the case in much of Asian culture, the idea of deception and corruption does not stop at those who hold political office. It is a deeply engrained part of everyday life in many ways. It is seen with the ‘little white lies’ people within the culture often tell each other to get what they want, but is most obvious through such displays as the assessment of the ‘skin tax’ with foreigners. This is where the price of goods or services for almost anything is almost double, and sometimes more, for customers who are not from that particular Asian country, say, like the Philippines, or people who are referred to locally as “foreigners.” In the Philippines, it is accepted as gospel among most locals that all foreigners are rich, and their luxurious state of affluence is justification for taking advantage of them in any way, shape, or form.

Activists Bitching
Within 24 hours of the story breaking. Activists and other idiots were bitching in front of the US Embassy. Without ever doing their homework on the story.

Unfortunately, in October, while a battery of U.S. Marines were taking a break outside of Manila, one such local, 26 year old Jeffrey Laude learned the unfortunate way, that the concept of deeply ingrained deception in one’s culture does not mix well when co-mingling with someone from Western Culture, namely with a U.S. Marine.

Private First Class Joseph Scott Pemberton is a 19 year old U.S. Marine who is currently sitting in a small space in Manila, Philipipnes being jointly guarded by U.S. Marines and Philippines military personnel. He is facing trial for either murder, or manslaughter (yet to be determined which) for Mr. Laude’s October death. You see, it is believed that PFC. Pemberton had picked up a young lady on the street, or in a club, or any number of places one can pick up a young lady in the Philippines, and had gone to a cheap hotel room for sex, only to find out that ‘she’ was a ‘he.’

Pemberton may or may not have strangled and drowned Mr. Laude in the toilet bowl of the cheap hotel room out of an act of rage after having discovered the truth of his situation, an act of which he now stands accused. There may have been someone else in the room, and Pemberton may have been acting out of self-defense (one of the common scams in the Philippines is for the ladyboys to go around under the guise of real women, robbing foreigners and even locals – last year five ladyboys murdered an American veteran in Mindanao and to date no investigation has even been opened). The truth may or may not come out in court, but the sad fact remains, that as long as hundreds, if not thousands of sailors, soldiers and marines spend any amount of time in the Philippines, in order to protect the island nation from a seemingly aggressive China, something needs to be done to make sure that the American service members are being protected from the deceptive culture which is far too prevalent in the Philippines.

The U.S. Navy had originally had nine more port stops scheduled in the Philippines for the remainder of the year 2014, but in light of the Pemberton incident has cancelled all calls to port in the Philippines. We can only hope, for the protection of our brave men and women who have enlisted to fight for the free world, that this action continues, and any co-mingling of the service members with what will inevitably end up being far too many locals looking to take advantage of them, will be extremely limited and supervised in the future.

*Originally titled: What Happens When A Shemale Tries To Assault A U.S. Marine With Its ‘You Know What’ By: Timothy Tuttle, for The Patriot Newswire

The Philippines: A Twisted Culture – A Ladyboy – And A U.S. Marine*

Jacques Phillip

As an ExPat living in the Philippines. I find it relatively fun and exciting to have been given the opportunity to live among such wonderful, and yet amazingly foolish people. Not on all levels mind you. But when it comes to politics, they are just plain, fuckin' stupid. So in my infinite wisdom. I have decided to do my best to educate them as best possible.

One thought on “The Philippines: A Twisted Culture – A Ladyboy – And A U.S. Marine*

  • February 20, 2018 at 1:46 am

    Pemberton should have asked “her” to go but instead MURDER was his answer… you can dress it up anyway you want but MURDER IS MURDER he should spend 15 years in jail….. but not in the Philippines…I’m from the UK and would expect the same & you can use your imagination if it were a Filipino marine visiting the US and he MURDERED a US citizen…. do you really think he would escape a lengthy sentence ?
    NO WAY would he THE FAULT IS WITH THE MARINES they need to face up to it like a MARINE the whole World respects the US Marine don’t let them down


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