New Cover


Our flagship publication has seen its share of bumps & grinds over the years, and still chugging alone. Having been given a recent face lift, we're hoping to make it available to you all, in the near future.

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Instant Content Access

Just as with any regular magazine, our Table of Contents gives you immediate access to any key point in our publication. Be it one of our photographic layouts. An interview. Colorful article. Movie review, or otherwise. It's all a single click away.

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Sultry Photo Sessions

Every issue shall feature at least 3 beauties from within the LGBT community. As you can see with Nica here, we've a lot to offer you. So keep your eyes open for each new issue. Things will only get better.


What Crossover Is All About

From the very start, Crossover had one goal in mind. To show off the beautiful (and at times, misunderstood) side of the LGBT community. Through pictures and stories, we shall always do our best to help you see the broader spectrum of things.

Photography At Its Finest

Whether in the confines of a controlled environment. Or out of doors. Our shooters shall always strive to deliver their best.

Belinda Cruz