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I’m sure by now, many of you may have asked where we’ve been hiding these past few years? The answer to that is simple. We got stuck in a creative rut. And now it’s time to get back to work.

Android has since made a number of radical changes within their platform, that now makes our publication a more enjoyable experience for all. As before, we had considered the Apple iOS platform. But sadly, our arrogant friends in Cupertino continue to makes us feel stronger about our support of the Android platform. As well as the ever growing tablet market. We shall also continue to expand the number of pages, so as to allow for more stories, opinion, and news.

As always, we shall continue listening to all you have to offer. So keep your eyes open, and your critical input coming. This will allow us to continually improve upon our product for you, our reader fan base.

So keep the peace. And continue to share the love.

~ Jacques

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