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Novitiate Magazine

Crossover Entertainment Group is proud to present its newest digital publication: Novitiate. A men's magazine in the truest sense. Like Crossover, we intend to have it be a standout publication unlike any other. So keep your eye's open for our official arrival.

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Gorgeous, Youthful Models

As with Crossover, Novitiate will being you a bevy of exciting, new faces, as well as stunning bodies. And who knows? Maybe one or two still in an "untouched" state of being.

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Colorful Articles & Stories

It's here we shall try and provide you fun articles and other insightful tidbits, as well as the latest news from around the world, and within the domestic Community.

We're All About Having Fun!

Crossover Entertainment Group has always been about one thing, and one thing only.

Having fun!

And we're sure Novitiate is going to deliver a load of fun you never quite imagined in your wildest fantasies. So if you harbor as much of an open a mind as we do, then you're in for a pretty wild ride.

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