Quo Warranto Reality: Philippines Ousts Their Chief Justice


Thanks to the Philippine Judicial System doing the job right. Their Supreme Court acted upon the filing of a writ of Quo Warranto, and elected in a vote of 8 vs 6, to remove Chief Justice, Maria Lourdes Sereno. While we're sure this landmark decision will raise a number of eyebrows, what must be made known from the start is the following:

The Argument of Unconstitutionality

Within hours of the decision being announced, came the nitwits screaming it was either illegal or unconstitutional. If you people would bother to do your homework, you'd find that first and foremost, The Supreme Court holds sway over the use of the writ itself. And being the final arbitrator when it comes to matters involving your nations Constitution? That's where your argument is debunked, dead, tossed into the circular file. Forgotten altogether folks.

Quo Warranto?

Here's the other part of the headache. Like Federalism, most haven't a clue of what Quo Warranto is, let alone what it means? Here's the short and sweet of it: Quo Warranto is a Prerogative Writ requiring the person to whom it is directed to show what authority they have for exercising some right or power (or "franchise") they claim to hold. In other words? Is the one in question, truly qualified for the position they currently hold?

Even funnier is how some of her supporters firmly believe she'll still be holding a Junior Justice position. This couldn't be further from the truth - Although, this is the Philippines. A place where a twice convicted, Coup inciting, Military Academy disgrace was given a seat in their Senate - for two obvious reasons.

First, there is no vacant seat, as hers had been filled, when she took the top chair. And the other reason? What makes her think anyone in their right mind would ever want to work, let alone share the same airspace, with her ever again?

Impeachment Reality

In total, under the impeachment complaint, Ms. Sereno was facing 22 charges. These include: lying, deceiving and misleading; the serial failure to submit her statements of assets, liabilities and net worth, a Constitutional requirement; other charges concerning failures to declare income and accurately declare income in her tax returns; the purchase of a PHP5 million bullet-proof car for official functions; misuse of public funds; administering autocratically; making unilateral decisions on appointments; betraying the public trust – and much much more. So even if she'd "skated" past today's decision? It's highly unlikely she'd have avoided the impending impeachment.

The Overall Winners

The real victors in this case, have turned out to be the Filipino people themselves. Justice has been served. A seriously shady character has been removed from the daily comic strip, known as the Philippine Political Arena. And there's no telling how many millions the tax payers have now been saved, avoiding a lengthy impeachment trial.

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Great article.