The Ignorance Behind The Filipino FUBU Craze

FUBU Meaning

Fashion Statements come and go. From Gucci to Calvin Klein. Levi's to Jordache. The crazes never seem to end. The latest - and seemingly endless - has to be For Us, By Us. Or better known as FUBU. And never more so than in the Philippines. Within every corner of the archipelago, young or old, everyone has hopped aboard the bandwagon.

Now, thanks to the realm of Urbania, here's where the ignorance comes in folks.

With our curiosity once again getting the better of us. We did a little survey to confirm what we already knew. But wanted to see if the fashion-conscious had maybe even a vague idea of what they were wearing?

Nobody knew. In fact, most simply thought it was just another name brand, and nothing more. We decided the time had come to toss a monkey in the wrench. Having a private, Catholic high school nearby, we went the extra mile.

After spending some time with the principal, we made mention of the fact that a number of students - mostly female - were wearing one form or another of the FUBU t-shirt line. Harmlessly, she said, yes, and then asked why? To which we explained the true meaning.

We then went outside and approached a number of 2nd year, female students mulling around the front office, and proceeded to ask them a similar set of questions, in regards to the FUBU name brand a few of them were wearing. unsurprisingly, none knew. We then gave them the meaning, as well as a short history behind its origins. Some laughed. Some were in shock. But none - principal included - seemed worried in the slightest. Hence, the ignorance we mentioned above.

And in case we neglected to mention the true, urban meaning?

FUBU = Fuck Buddy

In Closing: The next time someone mentions the MILF (Moro Islamic Liberation Front). Try hard not to laugh out loud.

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Thank you for putting me straight, I thought it meant Fucked Up Beyond Understanding, but it matters not to the morons.