Welcome to the Crossover Entertainment Group.

It is here you will find out pretty much all you'll need to know about who we are. What we do. And what we have in store for you. But for now... The short and sweet of what we do is this. We publish a pair of digital magazines for the Android line of Cellphones and Tablets.

What's that, you say?

It's simple really. Just imagine a magazine, any magazine, transfered into digital form. Only now, it's on your hand held device. Ready for you to enjoy any time, anywhere. Although you gotta admit, it was kind of fun, every now and then, to roll up a magazine, and jam into your back pocket.

For now, just look at some of what we have to offer. From alternative delights, to world news and other events. We're sure you'll enjoy all we have to offer.

Product / Service #1


This is what started it all for us here. A magazine devoted to promoting the beautiful side of the LGBT community. Born as a traditional print magazine, it became apparent early on - and with the arrival of the Android platform - that mobile technology was changing all the rules. And doing so at a rapid rate.

So with that thought in mind, we made the choice to come up with a digital publication of sorts. One that would, on many levels, still allow the reader to navigate as if perusing a conventional magazine.

Product / Service #2


Artigiani is our newest digital venture. Yet unlike Crossover, is more of a digital portfolio, much in the same vein as an art house magazine.

But with a twist...

We shall distribute Artigiani on a quarterly basis, offering constant update listings of our artists, photographers, designers and more.

So keep your eyes open people. Our newest publication is about to be arrive.